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Image and Enterprise offices::
         General Corporation now Ham Rong Thanh Hoa factory formerly phosphate Ham Rong ago. Originally built in 1959, is the first State-owned enterprises in the equitization Province, now the General Corporation Ham Rong Thanh Hoa has become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the areas of production Origin: fertilizer, brick tunnels, fish sauce processing ... with affiliates: Ham Rong fertilizer plant, joint senior NPK fertilizer Huu Nghi Son Trang tunnel brick plant, JSC Huong Thien sauce, resorts Ecology - Culture Ham Rong.


Office of Corporation

Ham Rong fertilizer plant

Venture Fertilizer Company Senior Huu Nghi

Factory tunnel Son Trang

Company Thien Huong sauce


Ecological Tourist Zone - Ham Rong Culture

* The head office of the Corporation in Ward Ham Rong, Thanh Hoa city - the Ham Rong bridge south of 300 m (a key raiding fierce enemy of America in the years 1965 to 1973) and the Capital Hanoi 150 km to the south.

The process of formation and development:
  • 1959:  The construction of the Ham Rong fertilizer plant, the capacity of 5 thousand tons / year, including the types of parts: a fused, NPK, compost bio.
  • 1999: Transition from State-owned enterprises into joint-stock enterprises
  • 2002: Founded company Thien Huong sauce, capacity 2 million liters / year, including the products: fish sauce, shrimp sauce, tomato sauce - ingredients from the South China Sea.
  • 2003: Establishment of tunnel brick factory white paint, the capacity of 40 million / year, includes the following products: bricks, baked tiles type tunnel oven technology.
  • 2008: Established Joint Venture Company fertilizers Friendship (joint venture with Chemical Research Institute of China), capacity 10 thousand tons / year, including NPK fertilizer product quality, such as: NPK 16-16-8 + 13S; 20-10-15 + TE; 20-15-15 + TE ....
And May 1 / 2008 Enterprise was renamed the General Corporation Ham Rong Thanh Hoa


Areas of operation
  • Manufacturing and trading of fertilizer - chemicals, fertilizers imported supplies & equipment specialized fertilizers.
  • Production and trade of seeds and plants. .
  • Manufacturing and trading of bricks, tiles & tunnel construction materials business..
  • Processing of animal products, seafood and sauce business.
  • Business Travel.  

      Charter capital and revenue

         - Capital: U.S. $ 100.7 billion
       - Turnover in 2010: 300 billion VND.

Number of employees and management structure
         - Revenue in 2010 So workers and administrative apparatus
    * Number of employees: Total number of employees is 403 people CBCN.
    * Its management:
     Chairman - CEO - Secretary of Party Committee Th.s Le Van Hung
     UV Board - P. CEO, Director-cum-tunnel brick factories Son Trang Hoang Xuan Thu
     UV Board - Director of fertilizer LD Senior Friendship Le
Hung Manh .

  •  Unit heroic armed forces
  • Labor Medal Class I, Class II, Class III.
  • Government"s Emulation Flag (2000, 2005 and 2010).
  •   flag of merit from the Prime Minister, ministries, branches and provincial People"s Committee, ...
  • Many teams and individuals awarded the Medal, emulation combatant, merit of the Prime Minister and other central ministries, Chairman
  • Enterprises are adopting quality management systems according to international standard ISO 9001: 2000 by organizing ACA (UK) and center QUACERT (Vietnam) and certification.
  • Vietnam Quality Gold Award.
  • Gold Cup "for the green industry."
  • Golden Globe quality.
  • Gold Cup and food safety.
  • Lotus Gold Cup on corporate culture.
  • Vietnam Quality Gold Award.
  • Gold Cup "for the green industry."
  • Golden Globes quality.
  • Gold Cup and food safety.
  • Golden Lotus Cup of corporate culture
  • Supercup strong brands and sustainable development ...



  • 10-year anniversary of the company established
  • Workflow in the company
Second-class Labor Medal

Second-class Labor Medal
Third-class Labor Medal

Third-class Labor Medal
Technical innovation contests nationwide

Technical innovation contests nationwide
Gold Cup typical commodities

Gold Cup typical commodities

Golden Globes

Golden Globes
Golden Globes 2008

Golden Globes 2008
Ham Rong Corpotation

Ham Rong Ward - Thanh Hoa City
Phone : 84 37 3960304 - Fax: 84 37 3960313